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What is CoreControl? CoreControlTM powered by Rapid Thermal eXchange (RTXTM) is cutting edge technology developed for core body heat extraction. An increase in body temperature limits one's ability to do physical work. Keeping cool enhances physical performance. CoreControl can enhance performance and recovery for athletes focused on strength and/or endurance conditioning, for those who work in hot environments, or for those vigorously exercising. CoreControl is extremely efficient for heat extraction because it works with a body's natural adaptations for thermoregulation. The technology is simple to use, painless, non-invasive, safe and effective.

How does CoreControl work? Why does it work? Specialized blood vessels exist in the palms of your hand for heat dissipation purposes. These structures - your body's radiator - allow large amounts of blood to flow directly beneath the skin when the body needs to dissipate excess heat. CoreControl enhances the blood flow to those surfaces through a combined application of temperature and a slight vacuum. Keeping cool enhances physical performance. For athletes and those who work in extreme conditions, it can enhance performance because less blood needs to be shunted to the skin for heat dissipation purposes, making more available to service working muscles.

Will I feel cooler? Generally not. It's difficult to feel CoreControl extracting heat out of your body because you don't have temperature sensors deep inside your body; they are primarily on the skin surfaces. CoreControl pulls heat directly out of your core, via thermal portals in the hand, while most "cooling" technologies used today try to cool the body through the general skin surface. While using RTX you may not "feel" cool, but you will feel more refreshed and be prepared for what's next.

Are there any negative side effects to using CoreControl? No direct negative side effects have been observed with the use of CoreControl. Because it works with your natural adaptations, the body self-regulates to prevent detrimental effects. However, because CoreControl has been shown to result in rapid and dramatic gains in strength and endurance, athletes and coaches using the technology should be careful to moderate their training regimens to prevent injury from over-use.

How does CoreControl differ from existing products that also help with thermoregulation? Existing "cooling" products include misting fans, wet towels, or ice water. These products don't work effectively because they try to push cold into the body through the skin, fat and muscles (which are very effective insulating materials). CoreControl works with the body's natural adaptations, pulling heat directly out of the core through "thermal portals" in the hands. CoreControl can accomplish heat extraction more efficiently, safely, and quickly than these other technologies alone.

Who are the right people to use CoreControl? CoreControl provides a maximum benefit to anyone who pushes themselves to their performance limits during exercise. This is when the body generates the most heat and has an acute need to dissipate it. In a normal resting state, or during mild exercise, the body is able to thermoregulate quite well on its own, and use of CoreControl may not result in dramatic effects.

As an athlete, does using CoreControl mean that I don't have to work as hard to achieve the same results? CoreControl is not a magical solution that will help you increase bulk or aerobic threshold just by using it. It's a tool to help athletes or fitness enthusiasts recover quickly and do more work in a shorter amount of time. That work is still up to the athletes, who must push their limits for maximal benefit. Vigorously exercising athletes using CoreControl are regularly surprised by performing far beyond their own (and their coaches') expectations.

As an athlete, will I maintain my improvement when I don't use CoreControl during training or competition? The conditioning effect from the use of CoreControl is enduring. Athletes are able to maintain high levels of performance even on days when they don't use CoreControl. However, the same rate of performance gains after you stop using CoreControl would not be expected.

Who developed CoreControl? CoreControl was invented and developed at Stanford University by Drs. Dennis Grahn and H. Craig Heller. It is now being commercialized and sold by AVAcore Technologies, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. For more information, visit or call 1-888-AVACORE.

How much does CoreControl cost? Please contact AVAcore sales representatives at 1-888-AVACORE for questions about RTX pricing and availability.

* This is not a medical device. CoreControl is intended to augment natural cooling in a healthy body.

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