CoreControl Glove - Complete System

CoreControl Glove
Own this revolutionary cooling device, and increase your performance 20%

Heat can take a toll on your body. As anyone who’s worked or played in extreme conditions can attest, heat impairs performance, increases stress and reduces endurance. Also heat-related illnesses can develop, and even escalate into heat stroke. Keeping cool is essential to peak performance. Watch your endurance improve while keeping your body at a cool temperature.

CoreControl helps keep core body temperature within normal range for optimal muscular performance. If you stay cool, less blood is shunted to the skin for heat dissipation, making more blood available to service working muscles with delivery of oxygen and nutrients, and removal of metabolic byproducts.

This is the complete system.  You do not need to order additional parts.

Please email us at if you would like to purchase the product.

* This is not a medical device. CoreControl is intended to augment natural cooling in a healthy body.

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