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Elevated core body temperature is a problem for many, including athletes, industrial workers, miners and soldiers. Emergency medical responders and physicians are often overwhelmed by heat stress incidents. Anyone regularly subjected to exertion in sweltering conditions knows what heat can do to performance. As the temperature of the body’s core organs (heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and brain) rise, fatigue sets in and strength, endurance and cognitive functions deteriorate rapidly.

CoreControlTM powered by RTX was developed on the principles of mammalian thermoregulation. All mammals have “radiators,” specific regions of the body surface designed for dissipating excess heat from the body core to the environment – think of a dog’s tongue, or rabbits’ ears. Blood is preferentially pumped to these surfaces when metabolism increases as it does during exercise. In humans, some of these radiator surfaces are found in the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. When an athlete gets hot, blood flow naturally increases through these skin regions to dissipate heat through specialized blood vessels called arteriovenous anastomoses (AVAs). CoreControl Pro and the new RTX enhance heat extraction through these radiator surfaces by amplifying local blood flow using a proprietary and scientific combination of carefully controlled temperature settings and slight vacuum. One doesn’t really feel a cooling sensation as much as a sense of being refreshed or less fatigued.

Conventional methods of cooling the body include remedies typically applied to the skin’s surface (i.e., misting fans, ice packs, cold water, etc.). While such solutions often make one “feel” cooler temporarily, they are generally ineffective at cooling the body’s core organs. This is a result of two phenomena: First, these treatments are applied to the skin’s surface, and thus have difficulty penetrating the body’s insulating layers of tissue. Second, the cold temperatures of these remedies can result in a vasoconstriction of the peripheral blood vessels and actually cause a reverse of the desired effect by shutting down the natural heat dissipation mechanisms.

Stanford researchers’ CoreControl boosts exercise recovery.

Over the past several years, studies have targeted individuals with maximized exercise workloads in hot environments. These studies show dramatic improvements in recovery from heat stress. Use of the RTX technology reduced the rate of core temperature rise during exercise and increased the rate of core temperature decline following exercise resulting in increased speed, strength and endurance and reduced risk of heat and dehydration related injuries (e.g., cramping).

For those working in extreme environments or those susceptible to heat stress, RTX can help keep the core body temperature within the zone for optimal performance. When overheated, it cools the body rapidly and non-invasively to reduce fatigue, increase endurance and strength, and improve cognitive function.

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