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Our patented technology rapidly cools your body from the inside out.

In just a few minutes, you feel refreshed and ready to push beyond your limits.
How does it work? It’s all in the palm of your hand.

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Our new portable design, available early 2016

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CoreControl Pro

What the pros use

The ultimate advantage


Cool your core.

When you're hot, your body naturally cools off by emitting heat through the palms of your hands. RTX speeds up that process five times. Its slight vacuum pulls blood vessels to the surface of your palm. A cooling pad on your hand rapidly exchanges heat with an optimal cool temperature. In about three minutes, that coolness circulates from your palm through your entire core.

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Trust the experts.

RTX was invented by Stanford scientists. Vigorous testing in clinical studies proved its remarkable benefits. It has now been adopted by the world's elite professionals in sports, fitness, outdoor industries, firefighting and the military.

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